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Bernice and Keith Homel



My Story

I became a Scentsy consultant in November of 2013. Initially, I joined to just buy my own wax and sell to a few friends who liked Scentsy as well. I was skeptical about joining a direct sales company because I knew nothing about it other than I loved how easy and safe Scentsy wax and warmers are.

Joining was one of the best decisions I’ve made! Not only does my house and car smell amazing all the time, but Scentsy has opened the door of new opportunities for me.

I work my Scentsy business around my schedule. I love the flexibility I have to work from home while in my pajamas, on the road if I am visiting somewhere, or on the weekends when I have spare time. Being a middle school teacher, summers are a great time for Scentsy! I can work then without having to punch a clock or give up my summer freedom.

One of the best parts of joining Scentsy is that I have been able to travel more! I’ve gone to St. Louis, Las Vegas, Nashville, Kansas City, Anaheim, Austin, and soon to be Salt Lake City, Utah for our annual conventions.

I earned all expenses paid incentive trips to Disney World in 2016 and Punta Cana in 2017. I traveled to Spain, Florence, Rome, and Naples, Italy and Provence, France on an all expenses paid cruise in 2018 for my third earned incentive trip!

Traveling is definitely a huge motivation for working my Scentsy business and being successful. These incentive trips create once in a lifetime memories for me and my husband.

I also enjoy helping others discover Scentsy products. People are pretty positive around Scentsy - if something smells awesome, it’s hard to be in a bad mood. I love the positivity Scentsy brings to my life, the potential to make some extra money, and the opportunities to meet new people and travel.

If you’ve never tried Scentsy, love it as much as I do, want to learn how to earn free and half price Scentsy for yourself, or want to join along and create your own Scentsy adventures, contact me!

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